How to split a shared expenses with Yondr

If you're tired of manually calculating shared expenses with your friends and family, give Yondr's Split Bills feature a try!

It's an effortless way to split bills and manage expenses in any currency. You don't need to worry about currency conversions or handling multiple payment methods. With Yondr, you can easily split bills and get paid back in your preferred currency.

This feature is designed to help you save time and stay organised, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Split any shared expenses with the Yondr app.
Use Split Bills to effortlessly split any shared expenses with Yondr.

Let's split a shared expense with Yondr:

1. Open the Yondr app

2. Tap on the "+" in the navigation bar

3. Tap on "Split bill"

4. In the new screen, tap on "Add new transaction"

5. Find the shared expense you wish to split and tap on it.

6. Review the transaction details; if correct, tap "Split bill".

7. Select the friends or family with whom you would like to split this shared expense and tap "Next".

8. The total amount will be split evenly amongst the selected friends, but you can adjust the amounts owed manually.

  • If you made a mistake, you can tap on "Equal Split" to reset the adjustments.

9. Review the Split bill summary and tap on "Split this bill".

  • If your friends or family are Yondr users, they will receive an app notification.
  • If your friends or family are not Yondr users, they may receive an SMS or email notification.

Give it a try and see how Yondr can take the stress out of splitting shared expenses and simplify your financial management!

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