Buy or load up to 25 different currencies with Yondr's multi-currency wallet

7 December 2022

If you need access to multiple currencies, Yondr's multi-currency account is an easy-hassle free option that can save you money in foreign exchange fees and charges.

Major Australian banks offer foreign currency accounts which you can open with a small range of different currencies. However, these options come with high fees and limited features.

Yondr's multi-currency account allows you to hold up to 25 different currencies at once and switch between currencies when needed.

Buy or load 25 different currencies using Yondr.

Which currencies are available?

If you're visiting a few different countries and continents on your holiday, then you’re going to want to look at loading multiple currencies on to your Yondr card. We currently offer a multi-currency account that supports:

How to convert foreign currency

Easily and instantly buy or sell popular foreign currencies with Yondr. Everything is done in the Yondr app making it very convenient and you can avoid all the hidden charges and costs charged by the big banks.

Here's how:

  1. Tap on the '+' navigation button on the home screen
  2. Select 'Convert currency'
  3. Choose the currency you are converting from and input your desired conversion amount
  4. Choose the currency you want to convert to and our app will show you the converted amount and give you the current market rate
  5. Tap convert and you're done!

The currency conversion process is instant, so you can go to the accounts tab to check your multi-currency account balance.

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